In the middle of the country border between Finland and Sweden is the lighthouse Märket. The island, which is about three hectares large and is located west of Åland, is thus divided between Finland and Sweden, in two approximately equal parts. The three lighthouse buildings are located on the Finnish side of the island.

The Lighthouse was built in 1885. It was extinguished during the First World War but manned during the Second World War. The lighthouse keepers lived right next to the front.

Märket is the lighthouse that kepts its lighthouse keepers the longest. In 1976 the lighthouse keepers left Märket. Since they left the lighthouse has been used by radio amateurs.

The island has a own unique "code" and makes the island a desirable place among the world's all radio amateurs.

Since 2007, Finland's Lighthouse Society has once again put lighthouse keepers on Märket in order to restore the lighthouse completely.

Märket is unique in several aspects. The island has one of Europe's most remarkable boundaries.
On the island there is a "pool" with natural water exchange, just the pool itself makes the trip well worth it.
Märket is considered to be the stormiest places in Finland and since there is no harbor on the island, it makes the whole trip even more exciting, as the weather does not always allow us to come ashore on this unique place. The island has its own helicopter plate.

The Lighthouse Society is on place to welcome and guide visitors around the island from early spring to late autumn.
The trip out to Märket takes about 45 minutes with M/S Sefyr from Käringssund's guest harbor. Once there, we spend time with guiding and coffee and our own time to discover the island.
In addition, there is a small shop where the Lighthouse Society sells for exampel stamps, cards and calenders.

The trip takes about 4 hours in its entirety.